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Tarantula Holdbacks

P. Irmini (Suntiger)

This lovely lady has produced one sac for us so far. Unfortunately her male became a snack. She gave us 98 babies. As of December 2021 she has molted twice and has been paired again (successfully) without eating the male this time. I will post a picture of her egg sac once she starts to develop it. Thanks for reading. :D


This beautiful creature is one (of four) of my holdbacks from a pairing I did with Vlad of Viking Inverts LLC. This species has become one of my favorites. I kick myself for not holding back a dozen or more. Their feisty attitudes and great feeding responses along with their beautiful coloration makes them a must have in any collection. 

D. Diamantinensis (Dwarf Beauty) 
C. Darlingi (Rear Horned Baboon)

I am pretty excited about this one! This is my first pairing with this little lady. They have been paired twice and the male lives on!

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